Greg Nevolo

A seasoned tech entreprenuer and product ninja in the age of digital transformation

STARTUPS 12 yrs | PRODUCT 20 yrs | MARKETING 25 yrs


Continuously striving to enable organizations to meet changing business and market requirements through smart design and implementation of digital technologies.


  • Secured over $8M+ in funding for various Tech & Mobile startups
  • Created a FinTech Platform for a National Accounting Firm resulting in 200% revenue growth in 18 months
  • Negotiated & Signed Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James & Steph Curry to exclusive worldwide licenses
  • Successfully productized Military Fuel Cell and Power technology for sale into the Consumer Market
  • Produced the ATVI COD XP MW3 Launch Event, $1B Revenue in 10 days, the most successful launch ever
  • Co-Founder and Developer of 2 Award Winning Sports: The Red Bull Air Race, and Olympic Ski-Cross
  • Designed & Implemented a variety of hardware & software platforms for Finance, Mobile, & Events


All Aspects of Startup Fundraising & Growth Operations, G2M Strategy - Planning - Execution, Cross Platform Product Development, Business Intelligence & Analysis, Information & Software Architecture, Global Partnerships, P&L – Budgeting – Forecasting, Brand Management, Interactive Content Creation & Distribution, Product Launches, Consumer Product Design - Vision - Execution, Direct to Consumer & Field Marketing, Influencer Programming, Mobile Gaming & App Development, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Rapid Prototyping & MVP delivery, Team Hiring – Building – Mentoring

Professional Career

Boutique Software Agency with a focus on FinTech & Modernization

  • Founder
  • Designed and implemented a finance & settlements platform for a national accounting office servicing Independent Contractors and Small Businesses, streamlined operations, eliminated Quickbooks, & outsourced dependencies.
  • 200% revenue growth in 18 months after platform launched
  • NodeJS, Docker, K8, AWS, Plaid, Dwolla

MVP Sports, Inc

IP Driven Mobile Sports Gaming Apps

  • CEO and Cofounder, Startup from 1 to 45 employees in 18 months.
  • Exclusive, worldwide licenses to the biggest sports stars in the world, audience reach of 700M+ users
  • Developed the world’s first real time sports gaming physics engine on mobile
  • Raised $7M of Investment Capital from private and institutional investors.

Six Sigma Mobile, LLC

Mobile Technology Incubator

  • Founder & CEO, specializing in Rapid Prototyping and Incubation of mobile platforms focused on Video, Gaming, Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • 3 Companies Incubated and Launched, 7 apps shipped
  • Raised $1M Angel Investment

Powered by the Future, Inc

Mobile App & Technology Dev Shop

  • Founder & Head of Technology
  • App Development & Technology Integrator for Global Marketing Agencies & Brands. Clients included Activision, Toyota, Kastner & Partners, Blackberry, 7Eleven, GameStop & Swatch.
  • Produced and developed custom hardware and cloud-based software solutions: RFID, SMS, Cashless Eco-systems, AR/VR and Mobile Applications.
  • Built $2M book of business in 16 months

Enabled Modular Power

Wearable technology and portable power solutions provider

  • Co-Founder, Head of Product,
  • Incubated by D2M Palo Alto (Design to Matter, Stanford Alumni Led Incubator)
  • Raised $500k of Angel Funding
  • Exited with a Private Acquisition by Sunrise Brands – conglomerate of over 80 fashion brands

Ardica Technologies, San Francisco, CA

Head of Marketing & Product

  • Responsible for creating the marketing strategy, brand identity, productization of military technologies for Implementation into the consumer marketplace, and business development with a focus on fuel cells, green energy, and wearable technology
  • Partners included Apple, Hugo Boss, Mountain Hardware, Columbia, Sitka
  • Recruited and hired by Hap Klopp, founder of The North Face

Red Bull North America, Inc

Aviation Marketing Director

  • Responsible for developing a 5 Year marketing strategy focused on unique live events and specialized aircraft, grew the operational division budget from $500k to $7.2M
  • Led the US Team in development and marketing of the International Red Bull Air Race setting a world record for live sporting event attendance of 3M+ people in Rio De Janeiro, winning 2 Emmys & spawning 3 video game titles for mobile, console, and web. The series broadcast reached 260+ Million people in 47 countries.
  • Responsible for the research, program creation, development, and implementation of the world’s only civilian helicopter aerobatic team. Duties included airframe certification, airman certification, regulatory compliance, risk management, airspace permits, and day to day operations of two Experimental Twin Turbine Helicopters
  • Provided strategic and tactical direction to the RBNA marketing team (600+ people) to assist with the proper usage of flight properties within their own strategic regional plans
  • During tenure, US Revenue growth increased $2.9B from $1.8B to $4.7B


  • BS, Civil Engineering, California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo, 1993 (2020)


Node/Js, C#, MySql/Sql
AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku
Amplitude, PlayFab, GameSparks
Web & Mobile Platforms


IDE: VS Code, Unity, Xcode
OFFICE: Excel, PPT, Word
COMM: Jira/Confluence, Slack, Github

Personal Accomplishments

  • Commercial rotor and fixed wing multi-engine pilot with over 3000+ Hours
  • Spent 14 years as a professional athlete in action Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding, Motocross and Base Jumping.
  • Pioneered several sports including SkiCross, a medaled Olympic sport, and wingsuit proximity flying with 16,000+ Skydives, and 1600 base jumps